Please note that I'm actually rather hesistant about posting some of these films- as the author of a blog on efficient piano technique. It's not that I'm greatly ashamed of them as performances- however, this is far from a model of good technique!!! There are some particularly bad habits- especially the perpetually crooked right wrist in the Mephisto. Since I recorded that, I have made a number of major discoveries about how involving actions of extension in the fingers makes it drastically easier to hang the wrists back in sustained alignment- without them bunching up and then getting trapped into the awkward forward position that is so often seen here. The Liszt 6th Rhapsody and Petrarch Sonnet illustrate various improvements to the alignment of the right wrist although, as you'll see, it's still a work in progress rather than an issue that is yet resolved.

Liszt- Hungarian Rhapsody no. 6

Liszt- Petrarch Sonnet 104

Liszt- Mephisto Waltz (Horowitz vesion)

Chopin Etude op. 25 no. 12

Tchaikovsky/Pletnev- Pas de Deux (from the Nutcracker)